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People who have never dealt with vein issues tend to assume that varicose and vascular veins are only a problem for the elderly, and that the problem is merely cosmetic. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Varicose veins and spider veins can affect people as young as teens, and the symptoms can be quite painful. If vein issues are causing you either emotional or physical distress, come in to our vein center in Tampa to resolve the problem quickly and painlessly. Dr. Nwobi is one of the top vascular surgeons in the great state of Florida. He has years of experience helping men and women diagnose their vein issues and walk out of our office with more beautiful, healthier legs.
What a Vein Doctor Can Do for You?
The veins in your legs have valves that prevent circulating blood from flowing in the wrong direction. A variety of factors including age, family history, hormonal changes, and leg injury can cause these valves to stop working properly. When that happens, blood begins to pool in your leg veins, causing your veins to become swollen and enlarged. For some people, the varicose and spider veins are simply unpleasant to look at. For others, they can cause pain, aching, and skin irritation. Vascular Doctor, Dr. Nwobi, can treat both the physical and cosmetic symptoms of vein issues with a pain-free laser vein removal process. Dr. Nwobi utilizes VenaCure EVLA, a vein treatment system with virtually no recovery time and a minimal recurrence rate. EVLA systems like those used in our clinic offer the highest level of care and better success rates than alternative treatments, like sclerotherapy. Tampa residents can come in for a free consultation to learn more about the procedure, other vein and vascular issues, also insurance coverage.
About Our Physician – Dr. Nwobi
Dr. Obinna Nwobi graduated with top honors from East Tennessee State University with a double major in English and Chemistry. From there, he attended the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis on scholarship, where he earned his medical degree. He completed his internship and residency in general surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. Dr. Nwobi then completed a fellowship in vascular surgery at one of the largest single-specialty peripheral vascular centers in the country, the Albany Medical Center/The Vascular Group PLLC in New York. Dr. Nwobi has years of experiencing diagnosing and treating everything from cosmetic vein issues to serious vascular problems. To learn more about the vein clinic treatment services we offer to our patients, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Nwobi today.
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